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Restrictive Covenants & Protecting your Business

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Restrictive covenants are essentially clauses in an employment contract which prevent an ex-employee from undertaking certain activities after their employment has ended.

They can, for example, prevent an ex-employee from soliciting business from certain clients or from setting up a competing business within a certain geographical area.

It is vital that restrictive covenants are tailored to the relevant role and your business and are reviewed regularly.

Restrictive covenants are only enforceable if they go no further than is strictly necessary to protect your business.

We are experienced in drafting bespoke restrictive covenants and can assist you in taking action where one of your employees has or is about to breach their restrictions

Key Contacts

To speak to us about Restrictive Covenants and Protecting your Business, please click on the email links below or if you prefer call us on 01270 611106
Lesley Smith – Managing Director
Carina Pennant-Williams – Director