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Direct Solutions

Direct Solutions is a flexible, rapid, low cost and effective means of resolving claims and disputes without the need to take the matter to court.

Under what circumstances can I use Direct Solutions?

In order to use Direct Solutions, both parties to the dispute must agree to use it. You can establish this yourself, or we can contact your opponent on your behalf. If your opponent refuses, but you feel they may change their mind, we are happy to intercede on your behalf.

What are the benefits of using Direct Solutions?

  • Short Timescale – Usually the process will be completed within 2-3 months, sometimes sooner.
  • Fixed Timescale – The timescale for dealing with the dispute will be set at the outset, so you will know how long the process will take.
  • Low Cost – Usually the cost will be between £500-£2,000 (excluding VAT). Initially, each party will be required to share the cost equally. Later, the cost may be required to be borne differently, as part of the terms negotiated to resolve the dispute.
  • Fixed Cost – The price is fixed at the outset so there’s no need to worry about costs escalating. On very rare occasions this may have to be changed.
  • Confidence – The solicitor allocated to your case will have in-depth and longstanding experience. Usually he or she will have dealt with similar disputes before and will be able to apply an extensive knowledge of the relevant law to assist you.
  • Flexibility – The procedure will be tailor-made to suit your circumstances. You need not involve a solicitor of your own. Access to expert advice through our extensive database is available if necessary.

What happens after both parties have agreed in principle to proceed?

There are two options:

1. Controlled Resolution Service
After some preliminary work, there will be a meeting. It will be controlled by the Solicitor. Both parties will be able to contribute. The Solicitor will decide how the dispute must be resolved, and why. You and your opponent will previously have agreed to be bound by the Solicitor’s decision, and to comply with it.

2. Conciliation Service
After some preliminary work, there will be an initial meeting. You and your opponent will be asked briefly to put your views to the other, and to the Solicitor. Then you and your opponent will each go to a separate room. The Solicitor will discuss points with each of you alternately. The Solicitor may take other additional steps. The Solicitor’s objective will be to identify an arrangement to resolve the dispute, to which both parties are able to agree. Either party may decide not to agree – if so, then the dispute will remain unresolved because, under the Conciliation procedure, agreement is voluntary and the result is never forced upon the parties. In rare circumstances the Conciliation procedure fails to resolve the dispute; however it often transpires that the parties are able to resolve the dispute themselves shortly afterwards.

If you are unsure about any aspect of Direct Solutions, do not hesitate to ask us.

If all parties to the dispute request, we will tell you which procedure we recommend in your particular circumstances.