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Pricing Information

Price information for businesses. Defending employment tribunal claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal.

We charge on a time basis, by reference to hourly charging rates. The applicable hourly charging rates for this work are:-

Lesley Smith: £270 – £310 plus VAT at 20% per hour
Carina Pennant-Williams: £262 plus VAT at 20% per hour (Discounted to £229 plus VAT at 20% per hour for NFU members)

So far as pricing is concerned, we will discuss costs and whether there are any funding options available (such as an insurance policy) with you at the outset. Costs based on a one day tribunal hearing are usually between £4,000 and £6,500 plus VAT at 20% excluding disbursements (see below). In some cases, we can agree in advance a fixed fee to cover particular pieces of work, for example, the drafting of your claim or defence. We do stress that, by providing this information, we are not providing a fixed fee quote.

Whilst no claim or defence is the same, each usually involves
• Preparing and filing your claim or defence
• Collating and considering all relevant documentation
• Drafting witness statements and considering your opponent’s witness statements
• Representing you at the Tribunal or instructing a barrister to attend on your behalf.
The exact number of hours it will take to deal with your claim or defence will depend on a variety of factors. Those factors include, but are not limited to:-
• At what stage, if any, the matter is settled prior to the final hearing
• The amount of relevant documents
• The number of witnesses
Currently there are no fees payable to commence claims in the Employment Tribunal.
Disbursements (i.e. payments to be made on your behalf) may include
• Online identification evidence verification fee: £2.72 plus VAT at 20% per individual
• Barrister’s fees to prepare for and represent you at the final hearing: these are likely to be in the region of £1,000 to £2,000 plus VAT at 20% per day (depending on the level of the Barrister’s experience)

The above estimates do not include:-

• Any unforeseen complications which result in a change in the nature, value or complexity of your claims such as the introduction of discrimination allegations or other claims or additional parties
• Any enforcement action, solvency or jurisdictional issues

We will let you know if we have to do or anticipate having to do any additional work and any further estimates will be provided.

Our work will not include the provision of tax advice in relation to any aspect of the matter. That would be a matter for further specialist advice from this firm or elsewhere, should you choose.

At all stages, we will advise you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case and will assist you in assessing the best and most cost effective way for you to proceed.

Key Contacts

To speak to us about Business Transfers, please click on the email links below or if you prefer call us on 01270 611106
Lesley Smith – Managing Director
Carina Pennant-Williams – Director

This largely depends on the stage at which your case is resolved whether by settlement or at a final hearing. If a settlement is reached at an early stage, your case is likely to take about one to two months. If your case proceeds to a final hearing, the matter is likely to take about four to six months. We will be able to give you a more accurate timescale once we have all relevant information.