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Registration of Title

The Land Registration Act 2002 forms the basis for the registration of legal title to all land in England and Wales, continuing a process first started in 1925.

This process is overseen by the Land Registry, the body charged with dealing with registration of title to land.

Registration of title under the Act is regarded as conclusive evidence of ownership, and offers what is often described as a “state backed guarantee” of title.

Some of the benefits of registration include:

  • Clarity and security
  • Better protection against “squatters” and other adverse claims
  • Generally easier and less time consuming subsequent dealing with the land, reducing legal and other costs.

Our dedicated Property Law Team has unrivaled specialist knowledge and expertise, and extensive practical experience of dealing with a huge range of applications for registration of title; this covers farms (often long held within one family’s ownership) inland waterways, and all types of commercial, agricultural and residential property.

We have successfully registered hundreds, if not thousands, of titles for our Clients, and in the process developed successful and valuable working relationships and procedures in conjunction with the Land Registry.

This in turn streamlines the process, and maximises cost-efficiency, for our Clients.

Key Contacts

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